Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day

Tomorrow, 22 April, is the "Earth Day" and I guess important writing a little about it.
I found a interesting video, which I hope make us think more about how beaultiful and great is our planet and our nature that we are destroying little by little.
This video shows the simple things that the human perception can't see. It's an art!
I hope you like it, and think a little about what future we're building.

Friday, April 11, 2008

"The new born already old"

Last week I start working as a trainee in a radio, making the musical programation and since then, I'm looking for new bands, and singers. So, a friend tell me about a girl, Mallu Magalhães, I've heard her songs and I liked so much.

The girl is only 15 and plays guitar and composes; and the most curiosity is that her influences are Jhonny Cash, Bob Dylan and other "classics" of the sixties.
So, I've began thinking that maybe she's doing so sucsess because the old is more interesting. Everybody is tired of too much new things, and Mallu is a young girl with "old style", which probably will be more sucsses than the new fashions.

Perhaps the new fashion is pick up the old, put a new face and leave there doing so successfully! And with an added: without the mercenary record! The Internet is here!

The sound is great and who liked, can hear others songs in her space on the internet:

This song's called "Tchubaruba" and was recorded in the Programa do Jô.
I hope you kile it!