Tuesday, February 26, 2008


...The best of art, for me, is that it arouses feelings sublime and always reminds me what is “to be human”. Speaking of art is inevitably talk about our condition of humans. From our passions, vices, challenges, desires, limits, illusions, virtues, dreams ...

That is my purpose. I believe the art can be new - and great - lenses to see the world and to know the others and then, to know ourselves.

To begin, I would like you know a magnific site of photography that I like so much.My favorite part is "gentes e locais" (people and places). I like to see people, her eyes and that simple and eternal moment in that picture was taken.

"The soul is stuck for a second." *

* It’s a sentence that I heard once in the theater - they was talking about a photography.
"Sobre mentiras e segredos" (On lies and secrets) - Os Ciclomáticos Cia. de Teatro - RJ


Ana Maria said...

Karol, what a magnificent blog you´ve created! The black background with that beautiful picture matches the beauty of your topic. Art! There are so many things you can post here. Are you an artist yourself? I love all kinds of arts and have a dancer hidden in my soul.

Visit Karina´s blog in
http://pageflakes.com/anamariacult where she talks about ballet.

Great job!

Danúbia Bull said...

What an astonishing picture! I believe everyone is an artist within themselves. The secret is to search for it. I am still searching for mine and so far have found the Art of teaching! It is all I am!
Loved your blog! Keep up the good work!

Aurélio Jr. said...


so beautiful you blog i loved, and of corse i love arts, so this blog it's very interesting for me.


Luis Fernando said...


Your blog is absolutely gorgeous!I've done a brilliant piece of work!I'm also an art lover and it's really nice to have someone talking about it!


Luis F.C. Pinto


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey Karol! Congratulations on choosing an excellent topic for a blog. I'm a musician, which is a kind of art, so I'll definitely keep reading your blog.

The pic you chose for the first post is great - maybe you could even use it as a banner... and the site you recommended is awesome! I planned to take just quick look but spend a long time looking at the pictures.

Are you a photographer? If so where can I see some of your work?

Listen, I'm an English teacher in Brasília and some of my student are also creating their blogs. Maybe you could pay them a visit and advertise your blog there. They're blogs are at http://finally5b.21classes.com

Thaiis said...

Hi Karol,
I have enjoyed your blog, I found very interesting you talk about art. I Admire the art a lot ... The gift that each person has ...

I love see people playing guitar ... And the painting attracts me a lot.