Tuesday, March 11, 2008


When we watch an animation film or a small animation at our computer, we don't imagine how complicated and laborious is make it.

The history of graphic animation begins around eighties, with rudimentary programs and a limited knowledge of the theme. With the development of new technologies linked to the branch of computing, have developed new techniques and were created new and fantastic graphics animation.

It's, definitly, an art!

This is a video which shows a making off of an animation of a small scene of "Sparta", the film... Well done!


Ana Maria said...


Fantastic video you´ve added. We have no idea how laborious it is! Yes, animation is definitely a form of art. I´d like to suggest you have a look at a beautiful animation I´ve found called "Strawberry pie", it was done by a student of graphic design I think.


Hope you like it,

Dennis said...

Oí, Karol.

What a fantastic video! It illustrates very clearly that digital animations are complicated and time-consuming to create even though the finished product may last for only a few seconds.

Before I moved to Arizona, I worked in the U.S. state of Oregon for an author who also had a video production company. I was endlessly fascinated at how video was produced, but I quickly learned that even a short video clip might take many, many hours to produce.

Three things especially fascinated me: the fact that "raw" video footage could be edited and modified in many ways, the fact that sound could be re-recorded and dubbed in, and the fact that images could be electronically animated. I realized, as I compared original video with edited video, that the final version showed a "reality" that, in fact, had never existed. As a result, I still find myself wondering if something that I see on TV is real or if it has been edited to appear real.

Best wishes from Arizona, U.S.A.!

Dennis in Phoenix

Thaiis said...
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Thaiis said...


Thanks for the coment in my blog!

I love the art ,make art,see art ..everything.
This video that you include in your blog is so interesting...
I loved.

Very good topic...

Luis Fernando said...

Well done Karol!

You've been doing a great job defending art in our project!

Definitely making an animations is something which demands strenuous work and long hours!From the old Simbad movies, in which plastic monsters were shot frame by frame, to animatronics and later technologies such as the one used on "The Polar Express" and "Bewoulf" we've been constantly amazed by these designers and their art!

Well remebered to pay them a tribute!

Great post!

Luis Fernando

Ana Maria said...


Aurélio has posted a video that has everything to do with your blog. It´s an animation showing a picture of Mona Lisa being made in PAINT. It´s amazing.

Have a look,

anita said...

Hey Karol! :)

Well, I think the best way to start it's to make an introduction of myself. I'm Ana Laura, 18 year-old student of Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, Argentina.
This year I've moved to Rosario to study Economics and I started my English lessons there.

I really like the video you uploaded. I saw a similar one in youtube of the Mona Lisa, and one also of Dove, about the real beauty.

I'd like you to tell me about your country, where do you live, and all the characteristics in general.
I know a little about yours, because I have a few friends there. Maybe you can know them!

You can answer me in my own page:

Best wishes!


Culinary said...

Hi Karol!

I really like you blog! I’m interesting about all the arts! This video of the making off of the animation of “Sparta" it’s so good!!

In your firs post have a very interesting site with photography, have a very different types of normally thinks.!

And you are correct: cooking it’s art


Karol said...

Hi Ana Laura! I liked your visit!
And I've tried answer in your page, but I couldn't! So, I hope you visit my blog again and see my answer here! ^^
I lived in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brasil.
Different of the normally brazilians, I don't like so much football or carnival! I prefer go to the cinema, go out with friends, instead of watch a match of football!
I'm studying Law, here in Brasil.

I don't know anyone from Argentina (now, I know you!). Do you know wath city your friends live?

And... I hope learning use you page.Then, I left a comment there for you!

Thanks for your visit!
I hope keep in touch!