Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Universal language

Since my last post, I've seen many animations, and dicover beautiful ones!
This is a french animation and one more prove that the art is an universal language!
The song is so great and the animation shows the story of the creation.
I hope you enjoy!

Colocado por nicop


Ana Maria said...

Dear Karol,

It´s always a pleasure to read your blog and share your love for art. I came across a site about art for Minesotta in the USA where people have the chance to create a toy virtually. I created a blue teddy bear. Have a look, it´s so cute.

Hope you like it,

Kaísa Martins said...

Hi Karol!

I love this animation! I guess that this type of art should be very difficult for make and, because this, should be so valorized!

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